Searching the answers to questions of life, the three surfers Annabel, Rachel and Alena embark on a lifetime adventure to Hawaii – the birthplace of surfing.

Blue Road tells the story of Rachel, an Australian surfer who decided to follow her family roots and to live surrounded by mountains despite her passion for surfing. The story of Annabel, a French girl who gave up her professional surfing career and the travelling that comes with it, to return to her cold, silent home in the north of France to follow another passion – drawing. And Alena’s story, who grew up in a landlocked country, but chose to leave her home and her job to dedicate her life to the ocean.

But did they make the right choice?

Blue Road is a movie about the pursuit of happiness and poses the question, which role passion should play in life. Through the different lives of the three protagonists and their common adventure this documentary offers an authentic vision of women’s surfing today!