who are Rachel, Annabel and Alena?

Rachel Bonhote Mead  (Australia)

Rachel, born near Lenox Head, Australia where her father pushed her and her twin sister at the age of five into their first waves on a body board. Member of the prestigious Lennox Head All Girls Surf Club, Rachel grew up competing against the best surfers of Australia until she decided to follow her roots and moved to Verbier, Switzerland, where her grandparents were once great alpinists. But this relocation did not stop Rachels passion for surfing. The talented surfer has a lot of tricks in her bag and is known to be deadly in small waves. It is no coincidence that she regularly takes out professional surfers as she did when she placed no. 8 at the World Surfing Games 2014 in Panama.

Annabel Talouarn (France)

Annabel’s elegance and talent led the young Brittain surfer from her cold, rough home in the North of France to the European surfing epicentre Biarritz, where she trained with other up-and-coming surfers. But Annabel turned down a professional surfing career and went back to her home – in Finistère, Bretagne – but became never the less not only one of the best female longboarders of Europe, but also an incredibly gifted artist with an off-the-wall humor. Whether in the water – where she just won the French Longboard Championship Tour 2015 – or on land, Annabel stands out with her grace.

Alena Ehrenbold (Switzerland)

Whereas most pro surfers stand on a board before they can even walk, Alena grew up at a lake – flat as a pancake – in Luzern, Switzerland and had her very first surf at the age of 21. Her enthusiasm for the newly discovered passion made her catch up fast. Despite the fact, that she was still living and working in Switzerland as an economics teacher she tried to spend as much time as possible by the ocean. Her fervour for big waves lead the Swiss Surfing Champion of 2010 to several surf sessions with remarcable size all around the globe and also to a tow-in adventure at Roca Puta, Spain, guided by big wave legend Ibon Amatriain. Now Alena travels the world with an open smile on her face to discover empty waves and foreign cultures, which often inspires the talented journalist to write articles about her adventures.